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Short Workouts,

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Lose weight fast with Vibrocise Studios Bristol

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Vibrocise Studios


Local gym and fitness studio for fast weight loss and toning

Located on the border of Downend, Staple Hill and Fishponds, Vibrocise Studios offers a really convenient and effective way for you to get fit and lose weight. 

Helping you to lose weight fast


Vibrocise Studios is for all ages & abilities with no impact to the muscles & joints, it can be very beneficial at a low intensity for people with health problems, or it can be high intensity for people who want to work harder. There are various programmes for all abilities and there is always an instructor on hand to encourage you during your workout.


Regular weight & body composition checks including body fat, hydration levels, muscle mass will help you to stay on track. Please see the Herbalife page for information on how we can help with your diet.

Short workouts and fast weight loss results


A 20 minute workout at Vibrocise Studios is like working out for an an hour at a gym - it strengthens and tones all major muscles.  The vibrations stimulate muscles to work involuntarily, recruiting 95-100% muscle fibres, compared to 40-50% with conventional exercise.  Increased muscle mass boosts your metabolic rate & improves your body’s ability to burn fat, helping to manage weight.

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Try out Vibrocise Studios for 10 days - only £12

In a fitness rut?  Want to try something new?  Vibrocise studios offers a fresh approach to health and fitness.  Using Vibration plate technology our customers get the equivalent to an hours gym time in just 20mins.  We also offer personalised support from the team to help you reach your fitness goals. 


Why not give it a try for 10 days - only £12. 

In a year I've managed to lose 3 ½ stone...the staff are really can target the areas of the body you want to target...

Sue Harris

What is Vibration Training?

What is the science behind Vibration Training?

Fitness Classes

We offer a range of fitness classes which give our customers a great alternative to their personal programme.

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