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To try Vibrocise Studios for the first time, sign up below to our 10 day trial for just £12!

This includes 10 consecutive days of unlimited Vibrocise sessions starting from the day you are inducted.*


The induction is free and consists of one of our trainers taking you through 9 functional exercises to work all your major muscles.  They will also explain how the plate can benefit you depending on what your goals are.


After a few sessions you will start to feel stronger and after a few weeks you will start to see the difference!


*T&C's apply


MONDAY: 8am-11am / 4pm-8pm

TUESDAY: 8am-10.20am / 5pm-7pm

WEDNESDAY: 8am-11am / 4pm-8pm

THURSDAY: 12.20pm-1.20pm / 5pm-7pm

FRIDAY: 8am-11am

SATURDAY: 8am-11am


Vibrocise Studios Bristol

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