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Fitness Classes in Downend

Vibrocise Studios in Downend, on the border of Staple Hill and Fishponds, offers customers a couple of options for Fitness Classes to help them tone up and lose weight - see details below and to book. 


Combines Strengthening exercises with cardiovascular exercises to create an effective total body workout in just 35 minutes! Massage & cellulite exercises also included as part of cool down.


Monday 6.40pm, Wednesday 6:40pm & Thursdays 6pm - £5.50 or FREE to gold members


A 15 minute class involving various different exercises on the plates & fitballs to work abdominals, lower back, core strength & stability.


Tuesday 9.20am and 6.20pm, Thursday 12.40pm & Saturday 8.40am - £3.50 or FREE to gold members

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